Saturday, April 29, 2017

New Zealand: Part 3 (Last)

The majority of this post are pictures of our wine tour as well as random photos during the last day of our trip. Unfortunately, because I was both sea sick and car sick, I couldn't get to completely enjoy the wine tour. Strangely, after this incident, now that I'm back in Malaysia..I get motion sickness quite easily. I think we visited about 3 wineries and a chocolate factory that day. Another thing I remember from that area was the guy who was in charge of our lodging, Roger. There was this incident where we were about to get into the car to get to the grocery store and he was so shocked! After we said bye to him, we found out that the store was just about 7 minutes walk from our place. HAHA

Allan Scott Winery, New Zealand.

Not my cup of tea tho

Cloudy Bay Winery, you were great!

Had the best oysters there!!

Look at that liner!

This was at Christchurch. I was really happy because the sun came out!

We had coffee and breakfast at this nice cafe. Somehow I got even more tanned in New Zealand.

Got kissed by a Golden Retriever!

Got to feed this little buddy too.

Our trip actually ended here because we received the worst news from home. It still hurts to think about it. But we managed work together and reach home in less than 24 hours. The trip actually felt like a dream somehow, almost like it never happened. But documenting it, to me, is important.


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Friday, April 28, 2017

New Zealand: Part 2

This is part two of my New Zealand trip last December. I've linked all the parts at the end of this post, so click away! Anyway, I love how gorgeous all the gardens were. So different from Sabah..but of course Sabah will always be number one in my heart. I think we spent about an hour at this place but I felt like it was not enough.

Isn't this gorgeous!?

Ahhh wouldn't it be great to see a rose wall all the time!

Being a tourist again haha but I was really happy because I could finally open my jacket and enjoy the sun shining on my face for awhile.

That got me #feelingcute

How pretty is this view? We stopped the car to take photos like the tourist we were. If I remember correctly, I think this particular drive was about 8 hours. My cousin did a really good job at that.

There was one evening where my aunt decided to treat us to a nice dinner at Portlander.

Delicious way to start dinner!

Ordered baby tomatoes and an entrée (because I know I couldn't finish any main course)

Gorgeous view on the Interislander Ferry

Even though the view was gorgeous, with the blue water and lush greens, but I experienced a horrible motion sickness throughout the ferry ride from the North Island to the South Island, which only got worst on our ride to Blenheim  Not only that, but the wind was so strong that I almost freezed my fingers off.

One of my favorite thing to do in NZ was look at houses just because it's different from Malaysia. And look at that front lawn..This particular house though looks like one of those houses in horror movies. You can just imagine something staring at you from one of the windows.

Took this with an iPhone 6! Looks good!
Stay tuned for Part 3 which features our wine tour :)


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Monday, April 24, 2017

New Zealand: Part 1

Last December I had a chance to visit New Zealand with my two aunts and 3 other cousins. I'm only posting it now because so much has happened since that trip and I just had a lot of photos and videos from that trip on my phone. Thank goodness I backed the photos up on my laptop before I lost all my images on my mobile. Now I'm 'backing up' my photos again in this blog.

Our trip was supposed to be a 2-week north to south island kinda roadtrip. We rented a 6-seater in Auckland and we were planning to drive all the way to Queenstown then flyback to Auckland before ending our trip. But due to a family emergency, we only managed to travel for 1 week and our last stop was Christchurch. We're planning to continue where we left off again next time. I hope so. Ever since my dad showed me a video of him bungee jumping in NZ in 2006, I said to myself that I would do the same thing. It was just not my time then.

After I finished my classes for the day, I went to the airport to meet up with my family. Surprisingly, I had the smallest luggage among all of them! Heh. This was my first trip out of Sountheast Asia and I expected the weather in New Zealand to be like Kundasang since it was supposed to be summer! But oh boy, it was SO cold there, I wished that I brought warmer clothes with me. I know I'll have to be better prepared next time.

Our trip was more leisure and there wasn't any sport activities involved so if you are reading this to find out what awesome stuff you can do in NZ, I think you have to look another place :)
All the photos I took were taken with an iPhone 6 and edited with photoshop. I hope you like it!

Of course, I had to take this chance to the photos of Love, Lusie Tuhau Body Scrubs.

The food in NZ has 2x the portions of Malaysia. I couldn't finish my food the first few days so I had to share with my aunt. Also, in restaurants, I had to order the Entrées instead of the Main Course.

I made a separate post on Hobbiton Movie Set. You can click on the link at the end of this post.

This was our van for throughout our travels. We were lucky enough to get a brand new one so basically we "rasmi" the car lol

Took this photo at Aratiatia Dam & Rapids, it was a short stop because as you can see, it started raining and it was one of the coldest moment of my life.

No wait. I think Lake Taupo was the coldest moment of my life. I literally had to use a beach towel as a scarf because it seemed like everything I was wearing wasn't enough. My skin was so dry and I was wondering WHY I didn't bring my moisturizer. And it was the only time I need moisturizers! We went grocery shopping alot and I really like the produce there (especially the avocados) because everything was really fresh and so so yummy. Bacon was too salty tho. Why.

Being a tourist at Huka Falls. Some people were wearing less than me and I thought "How can you even walk like that in the cold?!"

Kia Ora :)

The only sour thing that I had in NZ was the lemon ginger drink.

Took this amazing photo at a stop somewhere where we had brunch.
It was so beautiful.

I shared a burger with my aunt. Think we ate a lot of burgers there.

Stay tuned for Part 2 & 3


New Zealand: Hobbiton Movie Set

New Zealand: Part 2

New Zealand: Part 3